Green Oregon State shape

What does Elizabeth stand for?

Elizabeth and Barry in Hawaii Oregonians shouldn’t be priced out of the housing market nor should Oregon have among the lowest high-school graduation rates in the country. I am seeking solutions.

Our regional snowpack is declining compromising our drinking-water supply. Drier summers have caused more wildfires and dying perennials, shortened the livestock pasturing season, and lead to overdrawing on the Clackamas River. Terrible tropical mosquitoes approach. We’re overdo for solutions including energy conservation and weatherization.

Since China recently stopped taking most of our recycling, Oregon must re-invent its recycling commitment.

Let’s end our civic "civil war." Although my friends and family span the party divide, we share many common values -- family, community, personal character, frugality, freedom from government interference, lawfulness, humanity. We can find our way forward together in unity.

When laws are made in Salem, I will make sure their impact on you -- your livability and roads, your farms and businesses, your budget, your students, your access to health care, your environment -- will not be overlooked.